Family Pledge

As members of Grace Academy, our families agree to uphold and safeguard an intentional micro-culture rooted in timeless truth.

  • Parents and students agree to enthusiastically support the mission of Grace Academy, acknowledging its Christian foundation and its goal to form disciples of Jesus Christ. (See Statement of Faith). Parents acknowledge Grace Academy as a ministry of a religious institution, Grace Reformed Episcopal Church.

  • Parents are expected to teach their children at home, or else make arrangements with another caregiver to be the primary at-home instructor.

  • Parents are expected to teach one afternoon elective per year. Each elective lasts 6 weeks.

  • Each family is expected to bring in $200 of fundraising per year.

  • Parents agree to actively train, nurture, and admonish their students under Biblical principles. Parents likewise agree to support the disciplinary actions of Grace Academy.

  • Families agree to pray for the school daily.

  • Families agree to share (at least) one meal together weekly.

  • Parents agree to strictly limit student's time and interaction on all electronic devices.

  • Parents agree to make all payments in a timely manner.

  • Parents agree to make every effort for a punctual drop-off and pick-up.

  • Parents agree to engage in amicable communication with and about all staff and other family members.

  • Parents agree to speak directly with staff members about any concerns. Parents agree to engage with a Biblical model of conflict resolution.

  • Families agree to speak favorably about all staff members and other students at home.

  • Family members agree to live their lives, publicly and privately, in a manner honoring to Christ Jesus.